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Diagnostic Services Clinic

Diagnostic Services Clinic in Fresno, CA

A physician will recommend diagnostic services to identify a patient’s condition accurately to facilitate proper and prompt treatment. Early detection and prompt treatment can greatly improve health outcomes for a wide range of conditions. Dr. Gurmej Dhillon, MD, and our team of medical professionals offer a wide range of diagnostic services to fulfil your healthcare needs. Visit us for accurate and timely assessments. Fresno Medical Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat your symptoms all in one appointment. For more information, contact us today or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 6069 N First St # 103, Fresno, CA 93710.

Diagnostic Services Clinic Near Me in Fresno CA
Diagnostic Services Clinic Near Me in Fresno CA

Table of Contents:

What are diagnostic services?
What are the benefits of diagnostic services?
What do diagnostic services focus on?
Why would a physician recommend diagnostic testing?

What are diagnostic services?

Diagnostic services constitute a crucial aspect of contemporary healthcare, encompassing an array of medical tests, imaging scans, and procedures aimed at identifying illnesses and gauging their severity.

These services distinguish themselves from the preventative measures commonly administered during routine checkups. While both preventative and diagnostic services contribute to early health condition detection, diagnostic care becomes essential when symptoms manifest, or an individual has a known medical condition.

The services provided are tailored to the specific symptoms and overall well-being of the patient. They aid healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about patient care.

Diagnostic services extensive application in the detection of health problems is complemented by the equally varied range of available tests. Fresno Medical Center provides 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, 24-hour holter monitoring, allergy testing, audiometry, bladder scans, and dexa-scans for osteoporosis. Echo cardiograms, electrocardiograms (EKG), laboratory services, lung function tests, treadmill stress tests, ultrasounds, and X-rays are also available.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
24 Hour Holter Monitor
Allergy Testing
Bladder Scan
Dexa-Scan for Osteoporosis
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Laboratory Services
Lung Function Test
Treadmill Stress Test

What are the benefits of diagnostic services?

Diagnostic services offer a wide range of benefits contributing to a patient’s overall health as well as the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of various conditions. The primary benefit associated with diagnostic services is that it allows physicians to identify exactly what is wrong.

When it comes to the detection of certain health conditions, physical exams can only go so far. The precision associated with diagnostic services also helps facilitate the early detection of health conditions, many of which can greatly benefit from prompt treatment. Timely diagnosis enables timely treatment which significantly increases the chances of positive outcomes.

The wide range of diagnostic services available at Fresno Medical Center allows your provider access to a comprehensive view of your overall health. This allows diagnostic services to aid in preventative health care as well by addressing health factors before they develop into larger issues, such as high blood pressure or suboptimal lung function and much more.

Diagnostic services enable customizable solutions to patient care, by identifying an individual’s exact needs, treatment plans can be tailored to their specific circumstances.

What do diagnostic services focus on?

Diagnostic services fundamentally focus on the diagnosis of health conditions, as their name suggests. Specifically, they focus on identifying the cause of a patient’s symptoms when a physical exam is inconclusive. Through the analysis of laboratory results, imaging scans, and other diagnostic tests, physicians gain a deeper understanding of the internal workings of the body.

This insight highlights potential issues that may require treatment or further investigation. Diagnostic services also assume a pivotal role in preventive medicine by identifying risks for chronic diseases at an early stage when interventions may prove more effective in preventing disease progression.

Why would a physician recommend diagnostic testing?

A physician will recommend diagnostic services to identify a patient’s condition accurately in order to facilitate proper and prompt treatment. There are a wide range of symptoms and circumstances that will lead a physician to recommend diagnostic testing.

A common cause for diagnostic testing is to produce a diagnosis for symptoms that are presenting without a clear cause. In this respect, diagnostic testing can reveal previously unknown conditions or serve to confirm a diagnosis.

However, diagnostic testing is not only employed in the identification of unknown health conditions; it can also be a great help to patients with existing health issues. Diagnostic testing may be used in the monitoring of a disease, particularly how and if it is progressing, and how the patient is responding to treatment.

Diagnostic testing can also be recommended to monitor overall health such as heart rate, blood pressure, organ function, and more. Physicians at Fresno Medical Center may recommend diagnostic testing to identify health problems, facilitate timely treatment, assess a patient’s overall health, and much more.

Diagnostic services are available at Fresno Medical Center. We proudly serve the areas of Fresno CA, Burness CA, Locans CA, Lone Star CA, Mayfair CA, Muscatel CA, Oleander CA, and West Park CA.